2014 Vol.20 No.1


Construction of eukaryotic expression plasmid pcDNA3/HA-moesin and its expression in endothelial cells

Effect of thyroid hormones on viscera function of rats with intracranial infection

Effect of AKF-PD on transforming growth factor induced fibrosis of cardiac fibroblasts

Effects of surface modification PET material on proliferation and migration of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and its mechanism

GANT61 inhibited pancreatic cancer cell line by blocking Hedgehog signaling pathway

Polymorphism of XRCC1 and ERCC1 single nucleotide and sensitivity of non-small cell lung cancer to platinum-based chemotherapy

Study on the change of the tissue and serum HE4, MMP,TIMP and HMGB1 of patients with endometriosis

Influence of plasma on proliferation and apoptosis of human umbilical vein endothelial cells and its correlation with lyso-phosphatidic acid

Expression and clinical significance of ER and PR in hyperplastic breast tissues

Evaluation of FBW7 and c-Myc expression and their correlation analysis in cervical cancer

Correlation between coronary atherosclerotic plaques and MMP2,MMP9 levels

Study on the change of serum troponin and myocardial enzyme spectrum of patients with congestive heart failure

Effects of Cordyceps sinensis on acute cerebral infarction complicated with acute renal failure Analyses of 48 cases

Influence of plasma levels of homocysteine on patients with post-stoke depression

Detection of serum D-dimer, hypersensitivity C-reactive protein and antithrombin in patients with cerebral infarction and its significance

Influence of different doses of atorvastatin on serum inflammatory factors in patients with acute cerebral infarction

Study on the effect of doxofylline in the patients with bronchial asthma at acute exacerbation and its influence on the airway remodeling and respiratory function

Effect of fluvastatin on urine albumer excretion rate in patients with early diabetic nephropathy

Influence of bifid triple viable capsules on liver function and inflammatory factors of chronic hepatitis B patients with liver cirrhosis

Influence of Shenmai injection on pancreas islets function and microcirculation state of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Correlation between severe fatty liver and dyslipidemia

Predicting prognosis of patients with IgA nephropathy using the Oxford Classification as a predictor

Treatment and prognosis of IgA nephropathy patients with hyperuricemia

Effect of Wumei Pill on treatment of ulcerative colitis and serum IL-4 and IL-8 levels

Significance of GP73 level in primary hepatocellular carcinoma

Value of CA724, CA125, CA199, CEA in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Change of tumor markers and immune indexes of patients with colorectal cancer during perioperative period

Influence of intensive insulin therapy on t-lymphocyte subpopulations and procalcitonin in patients with severe infection

Influence of naloxone combined with Danshen injection on serum neurotransmitter and oxidation resistance of patients with acute severe alcoholism

Influence of laparoscopic radical resection of gastric cancer on life quality, immune and stress state of patients

Effect of ossotide injection on erythrocyte related indexes of patients with limbs fracture

Value of TNF-, IL-6 determination for evaluating therapeutic effects of traction device of the cervical vertebra in nerve-root-type cervical spondylosis

Effect of shock wave therapy on treatment of chronic patellar tendinopathy in volleyball players

Abnorma IgA1 glycosylation of renal injury in children with henoch-schonlein purpura

Influence of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on limb function and nerve function of patients with severe craniocerebral injury after the operation

Clinical value of the detection of respiratory virus specific IgM antibody in the diagnosis of ALRI in children

Observation on the bonding effects of resin reinforced glass ionomer cements and its influence on the dental status

Glucose monitoring in late pregnancy diabetes

Effect of Xueshuantong combined with compound anisodine injection on retinal vein obstruction and hemorheological state

Clinical analysis of intravenous remifentanil for anesthesia in senile patient undergoing abdominal operation

Study on the influence of sufentanil combining with dexmedetomidine hydrochloride on stress indexes and pain state of patients after the spinal operation

Effect of percutaneous ethanol injection in treatment of hepatic cyst under the guidance of ultrasound

Effect of early postoperative functional training on elderly patients with intertrochanteric fractures