2014 Vol.20 No.3

A real-time PCR assay for positive rate detection of human bocavirus

The role of Saccharomyces cerevisiaeNar1p in lifespan regulation

Relationship between insulin resistance to high-fructose diet

Establishment of an improved method for the separation of original generation vascular smooth muscle cells from mice

Myocardial remodeling in Kunming mice induced by chronic exposure to Carboxyl-terminal polypeptide of Cardiotrophin-1

Change of EPCs in perpherail blood of COPD patients

Correlation between interleukin 18 and soluble Fas in progression of upus nephritis

Expression of nm23-H1 protein in esophageal cancer tissues and its significance

Compatibility of silicone rubber nano-iron development composite material with extracorporeal blood

Expression and role of Skp2 mRNA in lung cancer

Changes of serum hs-CRP, cTnl, BNP and D-dimer levels in patients with acute coronary syndrome

Predictive value of serum IL-6, hs-CRP, Lep, E2 and nerve function related indexes in elderly patients with hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage

Influence of edaravone combined with urinary kallidinogenase on blood rheology and function of vascular endothelial cells in acute cerebral infarction

Influence of Shenmai injection for the serum angiotensin and arterial elasticity in patients with congestive heart failure

Influence of Tanreqing injection on serum trace elements, platelet parameters and activation function of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Correlation between procalcitonin and inflammatory cytokines in acute exacerbation of COPD

Effect of gangliosides with Tangshen preparation on peripheral neuritis in diabetic patients

Renal function and blood lipid level in non-dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease

Effect of small dose of urokinase intermittent femoral artery injection on treatment of senile chronic lower limb arterial occlusive disease

Effect of nedaplatin plus docetaxel on T lymphocyte subsets in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Clinical Study of Xuebijing injection and ulinastatin in treatment of 36 patients with sepsis

Effect of rapid depressurization on acute cerebral hemorrhage

Effect of early treatment of riboflavin on the immunologic function in patients with acute trauma

Effect of percutaneous transhepafic biliary drainage with external catheters and endoscopic metallic stentin on malignant obstructive jaundice

Effects of peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis on cardiac structure and function of patients with diabetic nephropathy

Expression and significance of IL-6, IL-]0 and MCP-1 in degenerate human lumbar intervertebral disc tissues

Relationship between senile osteoarthritis and inflammatory factors in patients with active disease

A prospective study of two different drugs combined with hydrochloride hyaluronic acid on knee osteoarthritis

Intracranial hematoma craniotomy hematoma removal surgery delayed hematoma and fibrinolytic changes

Characteristics of glucolipid metabolism of different blood glucose levels in pregnant women

Changes of serum TGF-1 ,EmAb,TNF- and erythrocyte immunity, cellular immunity in patients with habitual abortion

Correlation of plasma placental growth factor with pregnant outcome

Influence of lifestyle intervention on IGR insulin resistance and pancreatic cell function in postpartum patients with GDM

Correction between the neonatal birth weight, BMI of pregnant women, social support degree, education degree and delivery mode

Influence of ambroxol on pulmonary function and serum cytokines of children with severe pneumonia

Effect of budesonide combined with compound isopropyl bromide in the treatment of infantile asthma

Change of oxidative stress indicators and VEGF in aqueous humor and serum of patients with cataract

Three kinds of interventional treatment for primary liver cancer

Application value of conventional ultrasound combined with ultrasound elastography in diagnosis of thyroid lesions

Echocardiographic evaluation of pulmonary arterial hypertension in patients with left ventricular functiona pplication value

Effect of respiratory muscles exercises on recovery of pulmonary functions in patients with COPD