2014 Vol.20 No.4

Correlation of proto-oncogene c-myc and c-fos expression with the occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma

Relationship between expression of VEGF, bFGF, sICAM-1 and CD105 and regulation mechanism of cord blood barrier in bone marrow of leukemia patients

Influence of transcription factors RORt on the balance of Th17/Treg in mice with acute lung injury

Effect of budesonide on expression of CD34, EOTAXIN and CCR3 in lung and bone marrow of asthma guinea pig

Influence of C-terminal polypeptide of cardiotrophin-1 on expression of sarcomaric -Actin, -Actinin and UCP2 in myocardium of Kunming mice

Therapeutic effects of Dipyridamole on MS and its mechanism

miR-9 gene expression in esophageal cancer tissues and noncancerous tissues surrounding esophageal cancer

Expression and significance of HB-EGF, C-erbB-2 in ovarian cancer tissue

Effects of carvedilol and irbesartan on chronic cardiac insufficiency and their influence on plasma NT-proBNP

Combination treatment of metoprolol with trimetazidine for patients with coronary heart disease and heart failure

Impact of low molecular heparin on outcome of initial cerebral thrombosis at different time window

Influence of ulinastatin on small airway function and fibrillation indexes of patients with interstitial pneumonia

Protective effect of growth hormone combined somatostatin on intestinal mucosal barrier in patients with severe acute pancreatitis

Influence of ambroxol for the respiratory function and inflammatory stress of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at acute stage

Clinical features and prognostic factors of gastric cancer in elderly patients

Change of serum gastrointestinal hormones,VEGF and related indexes in patients with gastric carcinoma

Effect and safety of oxaliplatin combined with bevacizumab and capecitabine in treatment of advanced gastric cancer

Effect and safety of three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy in the patients with pulmonary carcinoma

Comparative analysis of the changes of ET, NO, IL-6 and CRP before and after undergoing open and laparoscopic colorectal surgery

Changes of body immune and stress state of patients with thoracoscopic radical resection of pulmonary carcinoma during the perioperative period

Relationship between erythrocyte and diabetic nephropathy

Comparison of influence of different operation methods for the body stress and inflammatory state of patients with renal calculus

Clinical research of percutaneous kyphoplasty treatment for osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture

Clinical significance of dynamic monitoring of c-reactive protein during orthopaedic perioperative period

Effect of embolization and surgical resection on patients with recurrent liver cancer

Relationship between serum CA125 levels and pregnant outcome in patients with endometriosis

Influence of desogestrel and ethinylestradiol tablets on serum interleukin-10 and interferon- in patients with adenomyosis

Correlation between gestational diabetes, adiponectin, inflammatory factors and insulin resistance

Effect of metformin hydrochloride on ovulation and endometrial receptivity in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome

Change of hemorheological indexes and nailfold microcirculation of puerperants with hypertensive disorder during the perinatal period

Influence of concurrent chemoradiotherapy on tumor markers and serum TK1, HE4, VEGF in patients with advanced cervical cancer

Correlation between skin ageing and serum estrogen in perimenopausal women

Influence on seretide for the serum MMP, TIMP-1, IL and pulmonary exchange function in children with asthma

Effect of thymosin on cellular immune function in children with viral myocarditis

Influence of Globulin combined with ganciclovir on pulmonary function in children with respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia

Effect of prednisone therapy on CXCL16 expression in patients with nephrotic syndrome

Joint detection of hs-CPR, troponin and myocardial enzymes in diagnosis of children with hand foot and mouth disease

Curative effect of bicyclol tablets on preventing liver injury induced by antipsychotic drugs

Application of evidence-based medicine in the treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma radiotherapy

Serum cytokines at different stage in patients with primary open angle glaucoma optic nerve damage

In vitro experimental study on apical sealing ability by cold lateral condensation of guttapercha and high-tempetature thermoplasticized gutta-perch

Value of spiral CT in evaluation of relationship between neoadjuvant chemotherapy and tumor vascular imaging parameters for cervical cancer

Effects on TCI of remifentanil combined with sufentanil on postoperative pain in elderly patients during anesthesia

Influence of routine chest X-ray examination on peripheral blood cell detection