2015 Vol.21 No.3


Preliminary survey of Spirometra plerocercoid infection in wild frogs from Ding'an County

Design, construction and identification of siRNA eukaryotic expression vectors targeting to Cdc2/cdk1 and survivin

Effect of apocynin and ulinastatin on oxidative stress mediated apoptosis due to ventilator-related lung injury

Low Dose of Oxaliplatin Combined Taxol Induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Are Involved in the Apoptosis of A2780

Protecting effect of endothelial progenitor cells transplantation on sepsis rat

Expression of V3 in non small cell lung cancer tissue and the effect of V3 knockdown on malignant biological behavior in lung cancer cell line A549

Expression of estrogen receptor activity comparison of different transcription factor status in endometrial carcinoma cell

Dynamic changes i serum immunoglobulin E and T lymphocytes in children with bronchial asthma

Effect of Hongjingtian injection and PEG-rhG-CSF on cardiac hemodynamics and myocardial oxygen consumption of anesthetized dogs

Effect of lamivudine with reduced glutathione therapy on serum MMP-13, TNF- TGF-1 of patients with severe hepatitis b

Detection and clinical significance of thyroid hormone and N-Terminal-proBNP in the blood of patients with heart failure

Therapeutic effects of alprostadil on chronic right heart failure

Study on the correlation of circulating endothelial progenitor cells, vascular endothelial growth factor and cardiac function in patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction

Changes and clinical significance of the IL-13, TNF- and TGF-1 in old patients with mycoplasma pneumonia

Research about the influence of ulinastatin for the serum inflammatory markers and pulmonary surfactant protein of patients with severe pneumonia

Antibiotics combined with Xuebijing injection for the treatment of 132 cases with bacterial liver abscess

Expression of osteopontin in bile duct carcinoma and its relationship with drug resistance

Change of serum IGF- and VEGF levels in the EMs patients

Effect of glutamine combined with early enteral nutrition supply on amino acid metabolism,bacterial translocation and inflammatory reaction of acute severe pancreatitis patients

Effect of montelukast sodium in combined with budesonide on infantile cough variant asthma

Effect of Thymosin-1 on level of serum immunoglobulin and T lymphocyte subsets in aged patients with severe community-acquired pneumonia

Evaluation of myocardial oxidative damage in acute coronary syndrome patients and its correlation with serum IMARs

Effects of metformin and glimepiride on free fatty acid and insulin resistance in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Effects of different dosages of pravastatin on blood lipids and serum cystatin C in patients with coronary heart disease

Effect of plasmin combined with low molecular weight heparin sodium on diabetic nephropathy

Feasibility and safety of TLC and HALS in treatment of complete bowel obstruction due to left colon cancer or rectal cance

Study of mushrooms polysaccharide intervention on plasma endotoxin and VEGF levels after TACE for the treatment of liver cancer

nfluence of huangqi injection on antioxidant capacity and vascular elasticity of patients with renal hypertension

Expression of local estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor in endometrial polyp in patients with perimenopause and post menopause

The effect and effectiveness of eliminating cancer SHUNQI decoction combined with CAF chemotherapy on T cell subsets and Vascularendothelial growth factor of 147 cases with breast cancer

Changes and clinical significance of blood rheology and hemodynamics in patients with hypertensive disorder complicating with pregnancy

Relationship between change of coagulation function and prognosis in patients with traumatic brain injury

Effect of dexmedetomidine on sevoflurane dosage and serological indicators of laparoscopic gastric cancer operation

Effects of sevoflurane anesthesia in different depths on postoperative stress reaction and serum excitatory amino acids, S-100, NSE

Effects of dezocine combined with flurbiprofen analgesia regimens on postoperative stress reaction and TXA2, GMP-140 content of patients with upper abdominal operation

Analgesic and adverse effect of hydromorphone hydrochloride in different mode

Analysis of nutrition screening and enteral and parenteral nutritional intervention for senile patient fracture

Clinical Influence on Patients' Hemodynamics of Sufentanil in the Induction of General Anesthesia

Changes of hemorheology and nailfold microcirculation index in patients underwent total hip replacement during perioperative period

Clinical efficacy of laparoscopic operation in the treatment of the patients with ectopic pregnancy complicated with hemorrhagic shock

Diagnostic and therapy effect of hysyeroscopic technology in abnormal uterine bleeding

Effect of sequential therapy of fibriuretinin in combined with kinetotherapy on recurrent pelvic inflammation

Effect of caffeine citrate and aminophylline on clinical prognosis and brain neurodevelopment outcome in very low birth weight premature infants

Study the relationship between the immune of reproductive tract and corpus luteum local cell insufficiency for patients of infertility

Observer the influence of three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy for the serum fibrosis markers, tumor markers, epidermal growth factor and its receptor of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Effects of behavior treatment for schizophrenia patients during recovery stage