2016 Vol 22.No 18

Basic medicine

Effect of artemisinin combined with cisplatin intervention on epithelial-mesenchymal transition, angiogenesis and ATP generation in MGC-803 gastric cancer cell lines

Study on effect of Baisha Green tea extract on blood pressure in treating spontaneous hypertension rats

Assessment of sperm quality and oxidative stress injury of testicular tissue after oligoasthenozoospermia model rats received Jianpiyishen prescription

N-4-Hydroxyphengl Retinode enhances the killing effect of cisplatin on ovarian cancer cells

Up-regulation of miR-149 by E-cadherin inhibits breast cancer cell invasion and migration

Clinical medicine

Therapeutic effect evaluation of TUPKEP combined with percutaneous cystotomy and nephroscopic EMS minimally invasive therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia with multiple large bladder calculi

Detection and significance of serum insulin-like growth factor-1 in patients with type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetic osteoporosis

Assessment of disease progression in gastric cancer patients with ascites after S-1 combined with DDP coelom continued circulatory hyperthermia perfusion

Assessment of sperm quality, oxidative stress injury as well as ACP, AC and PDE expression in patients with oligoasthenozoospermia before and after qilin pill treatment

Relationship of serum CCL20 and PCDGF levels with recurrence of non-small cell lung cancer after thoracoscopic radical operation

Effect of dopamine combined with dobutamine on target organ function indicators and molecular indicators in children with renal damage after neonatal asphyxia

Effect on Immune function and pulmonary function of montelukast sodium combined with azithromycin in children with mycoplasma pneumonia

Assessment of blood gas analysis results and degree of infection in children withsevere pneumonia and respiratory failure after NCPAP therapy

Effect of inducing chemotherapy + chrono-chemotherapy + intensity-modulated radiation therapy on the survival and tumor malignancy in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Effect of Shenkang injection in combined with nursing intervention on the renal function in patients with chronic renal failure

Effect of adjuvant local injection therapy via bronchoscope on serum ADA levels, T-SPOT.TB results and immune function in patients with endobronchial tuberculosis

Clearance effect of sandblasting and hand scaling on subgingival plaque and their effect on interleukin 1/6/8/10 and MMP8/TIMP1 levels

Effects of total thoracic esophageal cancer radical surgery on postoperative pulmonary function and inflammatory factors in patients with esophageal cancer

Detection of PLA2R and Nephrin in serum and kidness tissue of patients with idiopathic membranous nephropathy and their correlation with the illness

Effect of Ginkgo biloba extract in combined with prednisone on the arterial blood gas and pulmonary function in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Observation on the effect of compound indigo naturalis paster in the treatment of recurrent oral ulcer

The value of HIC1 and SIRT1 expression levels in thyroid nodule for assessing benign or malignant nodules

Effect of taxanes combined with platinum chemotherapy on serum HE4, AFP, DDX4, CD133, CEA and T lymphocyte subsets in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer

Effect of compound glycyrrhizin combined with NB-UVB on T lymphocyte subsets and related cytokines in patients with psoriasis vulgaris

Assessment of the trauma degree and spinal cord function of para-median minimally invasive and open TLIF for single segmental lumbar degenerative disease

The clinical significance of serum SCC-Ag combined with CD105 in patients with cervical cancer during the early stage diagnosis

Effect of azithromycin, terbutaline combined with montelukast on airway function and gradient of infection in cough variant asthma children with infection

Effect of azithromycin, montelukast combined with pulmicort respulas therapy on the degree of inflammation and lung function in children with mycoplasma pneumonia

The predictive value of miR-155 expression in serum and tumor tissue of patients with colon cancer for tumor recurrence and the potential target genes

Effect of surgical treatment on the anti-tumor immune function in patients with gastric cancer

Effect of calcium dobesilate combined with irbesartan therapy on proteinuria and serum inflammatory mediator levels in early diabetic nephropathy

Study on the correlation of serum lipid metabolism and central retinal artery hemodynamics with diabetic retinopathy

Effect of sequential therapy of prostaglandins on renal function indexes in blood and urine specimens in patients with diabetic nephropathy

The effect and influence of lumen holmium laser lithotripsy on serum oxidative stress proteins and inflammatory factors of ureteral calculi patients

Effect of Zishenjianpihuayu prescription combined with retinal photocoagulation therapy on visual field defect, amino acid metabolism and serum cytokines in patient with NPDR

Effect of rehabilitation exercise in combined with nutrition intervention on the postoperative rehabilitation after internal fixation of lower humerus fracture

Study on the relationship between serum interleukins, platelet activation indexes and cerebral infarction

Effect of folic acid combined with VitB12 therapy on serum biochemical indexes and carotid atherosclerosis in patients with hypertension and hyperhomocysteinemia

Effect of different surgical methods on the serum thyroid hormone level in patients after thyroidectomy

Effects of general anesthesia on stress response and inflammatory cytokines in elderly patients undergoing abdominal surgery under the guidance of Narcotrend