2016 Vol 22.No 20

Basic medicine

Effect of oxidative stress injury on miR-210 expression in spinal neurons and the neuroprotective effect of miR-210 inhibitor

Inhibiting effect of lycium barbarum polysaccoharide on angiogenesis as well as oxidative stress and inflammation in retina of diabetic mice

Correlation of miR-221 expression with PTEN/Akt signal pathway and EMT-related gene expression in glioma tissue

Clinical medicine

Effect of atorvastatin combined with Tongxinluo on hemorheology and inflammatory factors in patients with coronary heart disease

Effect of adjuvant lactulose enema therapy on outcome and intestinal mucosal barrier function in patients with acute pancreatitis

Effect of weight support exercise therapy on the cardiac function in patients with chronic heart failure

Effect of heparin in combined with magnesium sulfate on the blood gas and blood viscosity in patients with pulmonary heart failure

Effect of Shenkang injection combined with hemodialysis treatment on renal function, renal anemia and cytokine levels in patients with chronic renal failure

Influence of glycemic excursion on urinary albumin excretion and inflammatory factor in early diabetes kidney disease patients

Correlation between sex hormone levels and bone metabolic markers and bone mineral density in male patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Clinical effect of small dose of iodine-131 combined with methimazole in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and its effect on patients with bone turnover markers and bone mineral density

Effect of different doses of valsartan on serum PPARγ levels and degree of inflammation after percutaneous coronary intervention

Effect of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on malignant molecule levels in tumor tissue and serum of patients with locally advanced resectable colorectal cancer

Effect of alanyl glutamine on the acute inflammatory reaction and immunological function in elderly patients with intestinal obstruction

Sequential mechanical ventilation improves hemodynamics, cardiac function and neurohumoral status in elderly patients with acute left heart failure

Assessment of blood gas parameters and the degree of inflammation in noninvasive positive pressure ventilation combined with aminophylline treatment of COPD complicated with type II respiratory failure

Assessment of postoperative fracture healing, trauma degree and neurological functional recovery in thoracolumbar burst fracture patients with or without screw placement in injured vertebra

Effect of ossotide injection on the bone metabolism and bone mineral density in patients with femoral intertrochanteric fracture

Assessment of short-term trauma degree as well as long-term survival and recurrence between endoscopic resection and radical resection treatment of early gastric cancer

Effect of laparoscopic cholecystectomy on inflammatory factors and immunoglobulin in elderly chronic cholecystitis complicated with cholecystolithiasis

Effects of thoracoscope radical resection of esophageal carcinoma and open radical resection of esophageal carcinoma on immune function, stress response
and complication of patients during the perioperative period

Observation on the influence of ulinastatin for the cerebral protection and inflammatory reaction of patients with craniocerebral injury surgery during the perioperative period

Effect of oral administration of Shiquandabu pill combined with bladder perfusion chemotherapy on the postoperative recurrence and malignant degree of superficial bladder cancer

Clinical significance of detecting CEA, CA199, AFP, HCG, CA153, CA125 in postoperative treatment of patients with ovarian cancer

E2/ER change and its relation with FasL expression in breast cancer patients before and after menopause

Effect of DC-CIK treatment on tumor markers and T cell subsets in patients with advanced ovarian cancer

Correlation of mid-pregnancy uterine artery notch with preeclampsia incidence risk as well as serum endothelial injury and placental hypoperfusion

Number of NK cells and expression of its ligands HLA-G and HLA-E in preeclampsia placenta tissue as well as their relationship with cell apoptosis

Effect of different preoperative neoadjuvant chemotherapy on cervical cancer angiogenesis and cell proliferation

Evaluation of the prognosis as well as tumor marker levels and immune function of Fuzheng Xiaoliu decoction combined with paclitaxel treatment of advanced breast cancer

Evaluation of tumor malignancy in patients with HER-2 overexpression breast cancer after TCH and TAC neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Correlation study of uterine spiral artery blood flow characteristics with placental development and hypoxia in patients with preeclampsia

Effect of Docetaxel combined with Nedaplatin on serum LPA, CA199, CEA, Interleukin and immune function in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer

Protective effect of creatine phosphate sodium, vitamin C combined with antiviral therapy on myocardial damage in children with viral myocarditis

Effect of pulmonary surfactant combined with mucosolvan on immune function, liver and kidney function in neonatal respiratory distress syndrome

The protective effect of diammonium glycyrrhizinate and polyene phosphatidyl choline on livery damage caused by anti-tuberculosis drugs

Three-dimensional speckle tracking imaging assessment of left ventricular change in patient with coronary heart disease and its correlation with serum indexes

Effect of reinforced flowable resin restoration on periodontal tissue in patients with severe periodontitis and anterior tooth loss

A ssessment of the malignant biology and bone metabolism after transcatheter vertebral arterial chemoembolization combined with zoledronic acid treatment of vertebral metastasis from lung cancer