2017 Vol 23.No 7

Basic medicine


Analysis of the pain and neuroinflammation after rats with neuropathic pain receive immunoglobulin intervention

The protective effect of butyphthalide on the cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury of rats and the related molecular mechanism

Effect of vitamin D intervention on the RAAS system activity and cardiovascular remodeling in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Experimental study about the regulating effect of puerarin on osteoblast proliferation in vitro and related signal pathway expression

Clinical medicine

Effect of ulinastatin on the plasma neuroendocrine factor in patients with chronic heart failure

Effect of erythropoietin combined with interventional therapy on cardiac function injury and inflammation in patients with STEMI

Effects of valsartan combined with atorvastatin on cardiac function, myocardial enzymes and thyroxine levels in patients with chronic heart failure

Correlation between serum Copeptin and myocardial damage degree as well as RAAS system activation in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS)

The effect of DanHong injection combined with Clopidogrel hydrogen sulphate tablets on the serum inflammatory factors, platelet activation and
vascular endothelium function

Effect of lipid-lowering anticoagulant therapy combined with compound Danshen dropping pill on the endothelial function and serum biochemical indexes in patients with hypertension and carotid atherosclerosis

Effects and safety of different anisodamine doses on EVLW at early stage of septic shock patients

Effect of breviscapine in combined with octreotide on the inflammatory reaction and vasoactive substances in patients with severe acute pancreatitis

Correlation of serum PCT levels with target organ damage and inflammatory reaction degree in patients with severe acute pancreatitis

Effect of nicorandil on the myocardial tissue perfusion and myocardial cell injury in patients with diabetes after PCI

Laparoscopic and open hepatectomy for marginal liver neoplasms: analysis of short -term results

Effect of locking plate internal fixation system treatment on the levels of bone turnover biomarkers and inflammatory factors in patients with proximal humeral fractures

Relationship of incision infection after colorectal cancer surgery with the body's nutritional status, immune function and inflammatory factors

Effect of dexmedetomidine assisted anesthesia on the inflammatory cytokines and T lymphocyte subsets in elderly patients with Alzheimer disease underwent total hip replacement

Relationship between prenatal serum trace element levels and postpartum hemorrhage, MAPK signaling molecule and PGs expression as well as oxidative stress

Effect of laparoscopic myomectomy on the sex hormone levels in patients with uterine leiomyoma

Clinical effects of laparoscopic surgery on treating ovarian benign tumor and influences of it on serum reproductive hormones, inflammatory factors, immune function and neuroendocrine hormones levels in patients

The correlation of serum sCD40 and its ligand contents with renal injury in patients with preeclampsia

The correlation of insulin resistance with the cerebral injury and stress reaction in patients with traumatic brain injury

Effect of butylphthalide soft capsule on the anti-inflammatory effect and plaque stability in patients with ischemic cerebrovascular disease and carotid atherosclerosis

Effect of mild hypothermia-assisted minimally invasive surgery on the intracranial hematoma absorption and the degree of nerve injury in patients with hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage

Effects of fasudil injection on stress hormone and inflammatory factors in the treatment of traumatic brain injury

The cerebral protective effect of mouse nerve growth factor combined with early mild hypothermia therapy for patients with severe craniocerebral injury and the influence on the inflammatory and stress reaction indexese

Effect of combined sevoflurane-propofol-fentanyl anesthesia on the postoperative emergence agitation and neuroendocrine compensation in children with tonsillectomy

Relationship of serum S1P and HC-II levels with vasoactive substances and cytokines in patients with cerebral vascular restenosis after stent implantation

Effect of azithromycin combined with fat-soluble vitamin on serum inflammatorycytokines and chemokines as well as lung function in children with mycoplasma pneumonia

Effect of fructose diphosphate combined with large-dose vitamin C therapy on the myocardial oxidative stress injury after neonatal asphyxia

The value of serum procalcitonin content for assessing the inflammation and organ injury in neonatal septicemia

Effect of capsular dissection technique on the parathyroid function and recurrent laryngeal nerve in patients with thyroid tumor

Correlation of NSE and ProGRP levels in patients with small cell lung cancer before and after chemotherapy with cancer cell apoptosis caused by chemotherapy

The correlation of serum MIF and IGFBPs levels with the cancer cell viability in the focus of patients with early lung cancer

Effect of thoracoscopic esophagus cancer surgery on postoperative incision pain as well as non-specific and specific immune response

Effect of radiofrequency-assisted hepatectomy treatment of primary liver cancer on cancer cell apoptosis and normal liver tissue damage

Influence of gemcitabine thermal-chemotherapy infusion combined with carboplatin chemotherapy embolization on liver function, renal function and immune function in patients with primary carcinoma of liver

Tumor suppressor gene TAp73 and autophagy gene Beclin1 expression in osteosarcoma tissue and their correlation with tumor malignancy

Serum LAG-3 and DKK-1 levels in patients with gastric cancer and their correlation with clinical pathological characteristics