2017 Vol 23.No 12

Basic medicine

Eucommia and fructus psoraleae promote the proliferation of osteoblasts cultured in vitro: an experimental study

Study of the influence and molecular mechanism of ticagrelor on cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in rats

KCTD-12 inhibits the in vitro proliferation and invasion of gastrointestinal stromal tumor cells: the experimental study

Resveratrol inhibits the P38MAPK pathway as well as downstream apoptosis, inflammation and oxidative stress molecule expression in secondary lung injury in intestinal ischemia-reperfusion

Studies on hemolysis properties of medical α-calcium sulfate hemihydrate


Clinical medicine


Effect of urokinase thrombolysis on the cardiac function, coagulation, and fibrinolytic system in patients with AMI

Effect of milrinone on the cardiac function and N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide levels in patients with senile refractory heart failure

Effect of N-acetylcysteine on pulmonary fibrosis, endothelial injury and vasoactive factors in patients with chronic pulmonary heart disease

Effect of bifidobacterium triple viable powder adjuvant therapy on the inflammatory factors and t lymphocytes subsets in patients with ulcerative colitis

Clinical significance of NT-proBNP, myocardial enzymes, and inflammatory cytokines in diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome

Clinical effects investigation of continuous plasma filtration with adsorption and continuous hematodialysis on improving the immune level of patients with sepsis in ICU

Effect of hemodialysis in combined with hemoperfusion on the toxin clearance rate and carotid intima in patients with uremia

Effect of mNGF injection combined with vitamin D and methylamine on neurological function and oxidative stress in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Effect of bronchoscopic ambroxol lavage on inflammatory factors in lavage fluid of patients with bronchiectasis complicated by infection

Effects of parecoxib sodium intervention before induction on inflammatory stress response and endocrine steady state after laparoscopic surgery

Effect of hydromorphone applied in the gynecological laparoscopic operation and its effect on the hemodynamics and inflammatory cytokines

Ultrasound evaluation of fetal left ventricular Tei index in gestational hypertension and its correlation with the degree of placental hypoxia

Effect of Hemabate combined with packing therapy on the systemic stress response in patients with postpartum hemorrhage after placenta previa cesarean section

Effect of uterine arterial embolization on the ovarian function in puerpera with postpartum hemorrhage

Effect of anxiety and depression on serum neurotransmitters and immune function in patients with cervical cancer chemotherapy

Study on the correlation of MLCK and FAP expression with uterine fibroid cell proliferation and invasion

Effect of dobutamine combined with meropenem on serum BNP, IGF-1, IGFBP-3, TNF-a, IL-6 and hs-CRP in children with congenital heart disease and pneumonia

Correlation of neonatal pulmonary surfactant protein A gene polymorphism with pneumonia susceptibility and inflammatory response

Correlation study between peripheral blood CD4+CD25+Treg levels and systemic inflammatory response in patients with sepsis

A study on the relationship between long non-coding RNA H19 and high-grade glioma temozolomide resistance and their related mechanism

Correlation of serum thyroglobulin and anti-thyroglobulin antibody levels with pulmonary metastasis and bone metastasis in patients with thyroid cancer

Effect of radiofrequency ablation combined with GP chemotherapy on serum markers in patients with b- stage non-small cell lung cancer

Effect of Qingre Yangyin Humo prescription on serum indexes in esophageal cancer radiotherapy

Analysis of the levels of in vivo immunological indicators in patients with different types of malignanat lymphoma

Efficacy of adjuvant tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy for non-small cell lung cancer and its influence on survival outcome

Effects of docetaxel combined with platinum drugs and S-1 chemotherapy on cancer cell growth in advanced gastric cancer lesions

Effect of brucea javanica oil injection combined with neoadjuvant chemotherapy on malignant molecule expression and antitumor immune response in
patients with gastric cancer

Effect of TACE on liver function indexes in patients with primary liver cancer

Correlation of serum ASPH and 5’-NT contents with angiogenesis and cancer cell proliferation in patients with liver cancer

Relationship of ultrasonic shear wave velocity with oncogene and tumor suppressor gene expression in primary liver cancer lesions as well as angiogenesis factor contents

Effect of Aidi injection-assisted intravenous chemotherapy on serum tumor markers and peripheral blood immune molecules in patients with colon cancer

Relationship of Nogo-A gene expression in serum and cerebrospinal fluid with nerve injury and inflammatory factor levels in patients with craniocerebral trauma

Effects of bifidobacterium-containing enteral nutrition intervention on the nutritional status and intestinal flora disturbance in patients with the severe cerebral infarction

Effect of clopidogrel combined with atorvastatin on NIHSS and Barthel score in patients with progressive cerebral infarction

Effect of phacoemulsification on vision and intraocular pressure and corneal astigmatism



Advances of immune checkpoint blockade in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer