2017 Vol 23.No 14

Basic medicine

Protective effects of Toll-like receptor 4 inhibitor on myocardial injury and lung injury in sepsis rat model

Clinical medicine

Correlation of serum miR-148b expression with myocardial injury and myocardial
fibrosis in patients with myocardial infarction

Effect of fiberoptic bronchoscopic bronchoalveolar lavage with ambroxol on the
SIRS and target organ damage in patients with severe pneumonia
complicated by respiratory failure

Study on the relationship between serum inflammatory factors and systemic
target organ damage in severe acute pancreatitis patients

Effect of glutamine nutrition support on the intestinal mucosal barrier function and
inflammatory response in patients with severe acute pancreatitis

Effects of Buyi prescription combined with immunotherapy on PD-1/PD-L1 expression
in peripheral blood T cells of patients with autoimmune hepatitis

Relationship of intestinal flora disorder with TLR/NK-kB and inflammatory mediator
expression in patients with ulcerative colitis

Correlation research of serum APoM contents with disease activity for SLE patients

Effect of dexmedetomidine combined with propofol on brain tissue
damage in brain glioma resection

Effect of flurbiprofen axetil pretreatment on the pain degree as well as stress
hormone and mediator secretion after abdominal surgery

Effect of epidural anesthesia combined with total intravenous anesthesia on stress
response and coagulation function in and after laparoscopic surgery

Influence of different anesthesia methods on stress reaction and hemodynamics for
elderly orthopedics patients during operations

Effect of the Jintiange capsule-assisted internal fixation on fracture healing and bone
metabolism activity of patients with Colles fracture

Effect of dexmedetomidine combined with oxycodone on systemic stress
response in recovery of gynecological laparoscopic operation

Effect of perinatal nutrition clinic on insulin sensitivity as well as inflammatory response in
placenta and adipose tissue in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus

Effect of azithromycin combined with licorzinc therapy on inflammatory response and
immune response in children with mycoplasma pneumonia

Influence of tacrolimus combined mometasone furoate on serum inflammatory
factors and immune function in children with eczema

LMP2A, AnnexinA2, Rad52 and Gli1 expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma and their
correlation with tumor malignancy

Correlation of Six1, MTDH and TKTL1 expression in laryngeal cancer tissue with serum
tumor marker levels and cell proliferation activity

Effect of cetuximab combined with paclitaxel + cisplatin neoadjuvant
chemotherapy on esophageal cancer cell proliferation and invasion

Correlation of serum sLAG-3, PARP-1 and CA50 levels with oncogene expression in
surgically removed lesions in patients with gastric cancer

Effect of systemic intravenous chemotherapy combined with regional arterial perfusion
chemoembolization on the malignancy of locally advanced gastric cancer

Effect of neoadjuvant chemotherapy + nutritional intervention on the nutritional
status and tumor load in colon cancer patients with incomplete ileus

RNF181 and TPX2 expression in colon cancer tissue and their correlation with
cancer cell viability and angiogenesis

Effect of rabdosia rubescens combined with new assistant chemotherapy on serum
CA199, CEA, CA15-3 and T lymphocyte subsets in patients with breast cancer

Effect of cisplatin-based concurrent radiochemotherapy on malignant degree of advanced
cervical cancer and expression of proto-oncogene and tumor suppressor genes

Clinical efficacy and effect on serum HE4, SMRP, CA125, CA199, B7-H4, TPS of carboplatin
combined with paclitaxel for patients with ovarian cancer

Correlation of Runt-related transcription factor gene 3 expression in osteosarcoma
tissue with cell proliferation and angiogenesis

Changes of CT dynamic contrast-enhanced scan parameters in patients with lung
cancer before and after radiofrequency ablation

The correlation of the quantitative ultrasonography parameters with the liver
cancer cell proliferation activity and intralesional angiogenesis

Effect of hyperbaric oxygen combined with drug therapy on cerebral blood flow
characteristics, nerve injury and nerve cytokines in the convalescence
of hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage

Correlation of serum GFAP, S100B and NSE contents with post-traumatic oxidative stress
response and insulin resistance in patients with traumatic brain injury

Effect of gangliosides combined with hyperbaric oxygenation on neural functional
recovery and oxidative stress injury after cerebral infarction intervention

Effect of brain reflex instrument combined with acupuncture on convalescent neurotrophic
status and nerve cell apoptosis in patients with cerebral infarction

Effect of rehabilitation training combined with neurotrophic therapy on the nerve cytokine secretion
and oxidative stress in rehabilitation period of patients with traumatic brain injury

Effect of adjuvant acupuncture therapy on serum cytokines and neurotransmitters in patients with
post-stroke depression

Correlation of serum homocysteine levels with nerve injury and
atherosclerosis in patients with stroke

Effect of local ozone treatment on inflammatory cytokine, growth cytokine and
apoptosis molecule expression in anal fistula wound