2017 Vol 23.No 22

Basic medicine

Experimental study about the regulating effect of Par-4 gene overexpression
on the nephroblastoma sensitivity to cisplatin

Relationship of PDCD5 expression with apoptosis, inflammatory factors and MMPs/TIMPs
expression in degenerated intervertebral disc tissue

Change of transcription factor Runx2 expression in colon cancer tissues and its
correlation with cancer cell growth and migration

Correlation between methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene C677T
polymorphism and preeclampsia in pregnant women

Clinical medicine

Effects of early statins combined with intravenous thrombolysis on nerve function
and cytokine secretion in patients with acute cerebral infarction

Effects of scalp acupuncture intervention combined with rehabilitation
training on the neurotrophy status and nerve injury in patients
with convalescent period of cerebral hemorrhage

Effect of rehabilitation training combined with hyperbaric oxygen
therapy on the nerve cytokine secretion and oxidative stress in
rehabilitation period of patients with cerebral infarction

Covered by CAS, CSA, IC, CAB Abstract, Global Health, Chinese Scientific Core Journal, Chinese Scientific Journal
Correlation of serum SFRP5 and Klotho expression with oxidative stress and adipocytokine
secretion in patients with diabetic nephropathy

Correlation of the carotid intima-media unevenness and stiffness with
serum illness indexes in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Effects of naloxone hydrochloride on pulmonary function, blood gas changes and
inflammatory factors in patients with COPD combined with respiratory failure

Effects of methotrexate combined with hydroxychloroquine sulfate and prednisone
acetate on inflammatory response, immune function and liver and renal function in
patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Effects of lipid emulsion (SMOF) intervention on stress hormones, inflammatory
mediators and immune function after esophagus cancer operation

Effect of the preoperative docetaxel combined with S-1 chemotherapy on the oncogene
expression in advanced gastric cancer lesion

Effects of bortezomib combined with dexamethasone and thalidomide on bone
metabolism regulating factors, immune function and renal function in
patients with multiple myeloma complicated with renal insufficiency

Effect of Xiaoaiping combined with neoadjuvant chemotherapy on the pro-proliferation
molecule expression and immune function in patients with breast cancer

Effects of preoperative concurrent radiochemotherapy on the cancer cell infiltration
and angiogenesis in local advanced gastric cancer lesions

Influence of intraperitoneal perfusion chemotherapy combined with deep
hyperthermia on the malignant molecule expression in ascites of
patients with ovarian cancer complicated by ascites

Effects of intensive hemoperfusion on the toxin clearance, target organ
function and oxidative stress in patient with paraquat poisoning

Correlation of serum GP73, SOD and GPC3 contents with cell
proliferation and angiogenesis in liver cancer lesion

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound parameters of endometrial benign and malignant
lesions and their correlation with malignant molecule expression

Effect of depression on Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with gastric
cancer and its correlation with oncogene expression

Effect of lung lavage via fiber bronchoscope combined with non-invasive positive
pressure ventilation on the blood gas results and systemic state of patients
with COPD complicated by severe pneumonia

Correlation of contrast-enhanced ultrasound parameters with oncogene
expression and cell proliferation activity in breast cancer

Effect of sufentanil combined with propofol and scoline on stress
response and immune response in fiberoptic bronchoscopy

Effects of anti-HPV bioprotein dressing combined with interferon -2b therapy
on the malignant molecule expression in patients with
CIN complicated by high-risk HPV positive

Assessment of adjuvant ademetionine therapy for the bilirubin
metabolism and target organ function of neonatal jaundice

Effects of tripterygium wilfordii combined with Salvia Miltiorrhiza
therapy on renal function, coagulation function and immune
response in children with purpura nephritis

Changes and significance of inflammatory reaction and immune
function in children with infectious pneumonia

Detection and significance of oxidative stress and immune function in peripheral
blood of patients with early syphilis

Effects of fuming tablet combined with operation on serum 2-mg, HbA1c, no
and antioxidant capacity in patients with diabetic cataract

Effect of -interferon + gemcitabine combined with infusion chemotherapy
on the proliferation and infiltrative growth of advanced bladder cancer

Effect of batroxobin combine with ginkgo-damole injection on
hemodynamics, coagulation function, fibrinolytic function and
related factors in patients with sudden deafness

Comparison of the serum contents of inflammatory mediators and oxidative
stress mediators between patients with gram-positive bacteria and
gram-negative bacteria infection

Effects of sevoflurane + propofol + remifentanil intravenous inhalational
anesthesia on brain injury and oxidative stress response in patients
with cerebral hemorrhage after craniotomy

Effect of methoxamine hydrochloride on the cardiac work, myocardial damage and oxidative
stress in elderly patients during general anesthesia induction

Effectof etomidate combined with propofol on stress and inflammatory
response in painless gastrointestinal endoscopy

Value of transient ultrasonic elastography for evaluating the liver fibrosis
and liver function in patients with drug-induced liver injury

Overview of the pathogenesis of Henoch-Schonlein purpura in children and the
research progress on related mechanism of inflammatory cytokines