2017 Vol 23.No 23

Basic medicine

Regulating effect of corosoic acid on gene expression in placental tissue of rats with
gestational diabetes mellitus and its protective effect on islet cells

Influence of paeonol combined with ray on glioma cell apoptosis
and apoptosis gene expressiona

Effect of luteolin on HepG2 liver cancer cell proliferation in vitro and angiogenesis activity

Influence of ticagrelor on platelet function, plaque properties and inflammatory response in
patients with acute coronary syndrome complicated by clopidogrel resistance 

Clinical medicine

Effect of metformin combined with DPP-4 inhibitor on the micro-inflammatory
status and insulin sensitivity of T2DM patients with metabolic syndrome

Correlation of serum Hcy and UA contents with coronary plaque property
changes in diabetic patients with coronary heart disease

Effects of Guizhi Fuling Pill combined with metformin on insulin resistance-related
inflammatory response and oxidative stress response in patients with PCOS

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Correlation of electromyography parameters with serum ferritin and oxidative stress
response in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Effect of different nucleoside analogues on liver fibrosis and peripheral blood
dendritic cell function of patients with chronic hepatitis B

Effects of nutritional support and intervention on intestinal flora, Th cellular immune
response and inflammatory response in patients with severe ulcerative colitis

Assessment of the trauma degree and bone metabolism after external fixation
combined with vacuum sealing drainage treatment of open tibiofibula fracture

Effect of laparoscopic surgery and laparotomy on oxidative stress response and cell
invasion in lesions after hysteromyomectomy

Effects of intravenous inhalational anesthesia on the hemodynamic
homeostasis as well as postoperative brain function and Th1/Th2
immunity in elderly patients with femoral neck fracture

Inflammatory response, stress response and urodynamic changes after total pelvic
floor reconstruction in patients with pelvic organ prolapse

Effect of MEST on the angiogenesis and trophoblast cell invasion in the
preeclampsia placenta

Effects of low molecular heparin combined with Roy adaptation model on hypercoagulable
state, endothelial function and placental blood perfusion in patients with preeclampsia

Effects of LNG-IUS combined with TCRE on ovarian function, MMP and related
factors in patients with adenomyosis

Effects of low molecular heparin combined with ursodeoxycholic acid on liver
function, immunologic function and pregnancy outcome in patients with
intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

Ultrasonic evaluation of uterine spiral artery characteristics in patients with gestational
hypertension and their correlation with the placental hypoxia injury

Correlation of KLF4 and UBE2C expression levels in neuroblastoma
with cell adhesion and migration

Effects of operation combined with chemotherapy on MMP-2, TIMP-1, VEGF,
NSE, LDH and immunologic function in children with neuroblastoma

Effects of oral cetirizine combined with budesonide inhalation on immune
inflammatory response in children with acute asthma attack

Effect of Saccharomyces boulardii in combined with Ruianji oral liquid
on the cellular immune function in children with rotavirus enteritis

miR-21 expression in bladder cancer lesion and its effect on cancer cell
invasion and angiogenesis

Effects of DC-CIK cell immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy on immune
function, coagulation function and tumor stem cell markers in patients with
recurrent ovarian cancer

Effects of eEF1A1 expression on cancer cell load and proliferation
activity in lung cancer lesions

Correlation of serum pepsinogen / ratio and gastrin-17 content with malignant
proliferation of cancer cells in patients with gastric cancer

Correlation of the ultrasonic elastography strain rate of malignant thyroid nodules
with the expression of oncogenes and angiogenesis genes

Correlation of RCAS1 and Claudin-18 expression with proliferation and invasion
gene expression in malignant pleural effusion

Effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation combined with swallowing training on the
nutritional status and neurological function of patients with dysphigin after stroke

Influence of hyperbaric oxygen combined with psychotropic drugs on serum neurotransmitter
and cytokine contents in patients with post-stroke depression

Effects of Ginkgo biloba extract adjuvant therapy on inflammatory reaction, adhesion
molecules and antioxidant function in patients with cerebral infarction
complicated with hyperhomocysteinemia

Effects of mild hypothermia combined with minimally invasive surgery on the
degree of nerve injury and the generation of toxic metabolites in patients
with hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage

Evaluation value of CTA for vertebrobasilar artery stenosis in patients with posterior
circulation cerebral infarction and its correlation with serum biochemical indexes

Influence of probucol-assisted retinal photocoagulation therapy on the visual performance
and serum biochemical indexes in patients with early proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Effects of sufentanil/fentanyl combined with propofol on the anesthesia of minimally
invasive drainage for hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage