2017 Vol 23.No 24

Basic medicine

Effects of n-butanol extract of Rumex gmelini Turcz on the endotoxin-induced
acute lung injury in mice

Effects of sevoflurane pretreatment on cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in mice

Effects of astragalus polysaccharide on cell injury and mitochondrial pathway
apoptosis in the hypoxia reoxygenation of myocardial cells

Clinical medicine

Different effects of urokinase and rt-PA thrombolysis on myocardial
injury in patients with STEMI

Influence of helicobacter pylori infection on plaque property of patients with coronary heart
disease and its correlation with inflammatory response and oxidative stress response

Correlation of PDCD4 and telomerase expression with apoptosis molecule and interstitial
molecule expression in myocardial tissue of sudden coronary death

Clinical characteristics of different computed tomography coronary angiography plaque
properties in patients with coronary artery disease

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Correlation of peripheral blood CD14dimCD16+ cell content with ventricular
remodeling and inflammatory response in patients with chronic heart failure

Effects of terbutaline combined with methylprednisolone on pulmonary function, blood gas
analysis and inflammatory factors in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Curative effect of silybin combined with pituitrin-phentolamine for pulmonary
tuberculosis complicated by acute hemoptysis

Effect of ulinastatin + thymosin adjuvant therapy on inflammatory and stress
response in patients with severe pneumonia

Effects of ulinastatin combined with octreotide therapy on systemic inflammatory
response and intestinal mucosal function in patients with severe pancreatitis

Correlation of sTREM-1 content with hepatic fibrosis, inflammatory response
and oxidative stress response in hepatic infective ascites

Correlation between 25 hydroxyvitamin D3 and carotid atherosclerosis of newly
diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus

Correlation of abnormal ASC and ASC-b expression with serum inflammatory
mediator secretion in patients with gouty arthritis

Effects of early enteral nutrition + alanyl-glutamine on intestinal flora, inflammation
and oxidative response in patients with SAP

Analgesic effect of oxycodone combined with parecoxib sodium after laparoscopic
cholecystectomy and its influence on inflammatory stress response

Correlation of AQPs family molecule expression with cell invasion and apoptosis
in preeclampsia placenta

Expression and significance of NF-B, TGF-1 and other biochemical
indicators in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome

Effects of montelukast sodium combined with budesonide on lung function, inflammatory
factors and immunoglobulin levels in children with asthma

Correlation of serum sTREM-1 content with inflammatory factors and immune
function in neonatal infectious pneumonia

Effects of enteral nutrition via jejunostomy catheter on immune response and intestinal
mucosal barrier function after radical operation for esophageal cancer

Correlation of FMNL2 and HERC4 expression with the infiltrative growth of cancer
cells in cervical cancer tissue

Correlation of TGF- and IGF-1 signaling pathway expression in nephroblastoma
tissue with cell proliferation activity and invasion activity

Effects of TNFAIP3 and PDE4B on apoptosis and invasion of tumor
cells in diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Correlation of annexin A2 expression with epithelial-mesenchymal transition and
extracellular matrix degradation in bile duct carcinoma

Effects of intensity modulated radiation therapy + local hyperthermia on the cancer
cell apoptosis and invasion in liver cancer lesion

Value of serum sE-cadherin and CXCL16 contents for the evaluation of malignant
biological behaviors in cervical cancer

Correlation of serum bilirubin level with nerve defect, oxidative stress and adhesion
molecules in patients with cerebral infarction

Correlation of small hepatocellular carcinoma ultrasonography parameters
with the expression of oncogenes and angiogenesis genes

Influence of ginkgolide combined with edaravone on the brain function of elderly
patients with acute cerebral infarction and its preventive
effect on ischemia reperfusion injury

Cerebral angiography of collateral circulation in patients with acute
cerebral infarction and its correlation with nerve injury

Effects of standardized three-stage rehabilitation combined with
edaravone therapy on the neurotrophic state and oxidative
stress injury in patients with cerebral infarction

Influence of Xiaoshuan enteric-coated capsules + aniracetam therapy on cerebral blood
perfusion and nerve function in patients with convalescent cerebral infarction

Effects of adjuvant folic acid + vitamin b12 therapy on Hcy metabolism, neurotrophy
and nerve injury in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Assessment value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound parameters for the nature of breast
tumor and their relationship with the malignant biological behavior of tumor

Effect of dialectical behavior therapy on the serum neurotransmitters
and cytokines in depression patients with suicidal tendency

Effects of propofol anesthesia on oxidative stress, neurological function and inflammatory
cytokines in patients with craniocerebral trauma