2018 Vol 24.No 1

Basic medicine

Screening differentially expressed genes from cyclin B1 down-regulated
by high-throughput gene chip

Effects of resveratrol on regulating apoptosis and autophagy in cerebral
ischemia reperfusion in rats

Metformin combined with cisplatin inhibits the ovarian cancer cell
growth and invasion in vitro: an experimental study

Clinical medicine

Effect of Shenmai injection combined with antiplatelet drugs on the plaque property
and inflammatory response in patients with non-ST-segment elevation ACS

Effect of tirofiban combined with PCI on myocardial damage and platelet
activation in patients with STEMI

Effect of adjuvant therapy of Weisu Granule on Cyclooxygenase-2, E-cadherin, procalcitonin
and gastrin in patients with chronic gastritis

Effects of hemoperfusion combined with sequential dialysis on soluble tumor
necrosis factor receptor in patients with diabetic kidney disease

Differences in serum inflammatory mediators in early blood culture positive and negative
patients with bacterial bloodstream infection

Correlation of serum hepcidin and transferrin receptor contents with iron deficiency
and micro-inflammatory response in patients with hemodialysis

CD4+ Tcell and tuberculosis results of AIDS patients with different types of tuberculosis

Effect of laparoscopic myomectomy on inflammatory reaction, immune
function, stress hormones and ovarian function

Effects of ozone combined with sodium hyaluronate intracavitary injection on inflammatory
mediators and oxidative stress in knee osteoarthritis

Effects of ultrasound-guided thoracic paravertebral block combined with general anesthesia
on the secretion of pain-related mediators after modified radical mastectomy

Correlation of late-pregnancy serum 25-OH-VitD3 content with maternal
endothelial injury and placental apoptosis

Correlation of second-trimester serum 25-OH-VitD3 with inflammatory factors
and adipocytokines in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus

Correlation of abnormal TLR4/MyD88 expression with ectopic cell
proliferation and invasion in endometriosis lesions

Effect of secretory IgA combined with conventional anti-infectious drugs on inflammatory
response and immune response in children with upper respiratory tract infection

Effects of budesonide inhalation and montelukast on airway function and serum
inflammatory factors in children with asthma

Correlation of the ultrasonic elastography strain rate of malignant thyroid nodules
with the expression of oncogenes and angiogenesis genes

Correlation of S100A13 and FOXA1 expression with cell cycle and cell
invasion in fine needle aspiration thyroid carcinoma tissue

Effects of Yiqi Yangyin Prescription combined with radiotherapy on the tumor load
and anti-tumor immune response of patients with advanced lung cancer

Effects of Yiqi Gu Ben Decoction combined with DC chemotherapy on serum tumor
markers, inflammatory factors and immune function in patients with locally
advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Influence of general anesthesia combined with epidural anesthesia on adrenal
cortex, stress factors and immunologic function in patients with lung cancer

Docetaxel, oxaliplatin and S-1 in neoadjuvant chemotherapy of markers, angiogenesis
and cell invasion of advanced gastric cancer patients with tumor molecular

Correlation of Runx2 expression with cancer cell growth and extracellular
matrix degradation in liver cancer tissue

Clinical significance of serum tumor markers CA153, CA125, CA72-4 and
FIB, IL-6 levels detection in ovarian cancer

Correlation of AP-4 and EZH2 gene expression with apoptosis and epithelial-mesenchymal
transition in endometrial cancer lesions

Correlation of SFRP2 and TPX2 expression with cancer cell apoptosis
and EMT process in cervical cancer

NOV gene expression in osteosarcoma tissue and its correlation with cell
proliferation and migration

Effects of butyphthalide combined with routine anticoagulant and antioxidant
therapy on nerve function, angiogenesis and free radical generation in
patients with acute cerebral infarction

Effect of NBP on the serum inflammatory cytokines, oxidative
stress, and NF in patients with ACI

Effects of ganglioside + aspirin + atorvastatin triple therapy on oxidative
stress and inflammatory response in patients with cerebral infarction

Detection and significance of homocysteine, hypersensitivity C reactive protein
and coagulation function in patients with acute cerebral infarction

Detection and significance of blood rheology and coagulation function index in elderly
patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus complicated with cerebral infarction

TCD value for evaluating the intracranial hypertension and nerve injury in
patients with hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage

Effects of mild hypothermia on cerebral oxygen metabolism and brain injury in
patients with severe craniocerebral injury

Correlation of serum A1-42 content with inflammatory factors and receptors
as well as antioxidant enzymes in patients with Parkinson's Disease

Effects of lamotrigine + sodium valproate therapy on the nerve cell nutrition and apoptosis
status as well as inflammatory response in patients with intractable epilepsy