2018 Vol 24.No 3

Basic medicine

Protective effect of resveratrol on propofol-induced neuron damage in rats


Clinical medicine

Effect of Shensong Yangxin capsule in combined with metroprolol succinate on the hemodynamics and heart rate variability in patients with arrhythmia of coronary heart disease

Effects of lipid-lowing anticoagulant antihypertensive drugs combined with ginkgo capsule on endothelial injury and plaque stability in patients with
carotid atherosclerosis

Serum iron, zinc and selenium contents in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and their correlation with glucose and lipid metabolism

Correlation of serum cytokines with insulin sensitivity and RAS system activity in patients with obesity-related hypertension


Value of detection of serum ischemic modified albumin combined with D-two polymer in the ischemic colitis

Effect of Shenshuaining granule combined with hemodialysis on renal function and systemic inflammatory stress response in patients with uremia

Correlation of high-risk HPV infection in cervical lesions with Th cell differentiation and abnormal cell proliferation

Effects of nutrition intervention combined with small-dose aspirin on renal function, endothelial injury and placental hypoxia in patients with preeclampsia

Ultrasonic umbilical artery flow features of fetal intrauterine hypoxia and their correlation with oxidative stress injury and placental cell apoptosis

Effect of inhalation of hypertonic saline and salbutamol aerosol inhalation on inflammatory stress response in children with bronchiolitis

Effect of high-intensity interval training combined with drug therapy on airway function and inflammatory factor secretion in children with asthma

Effects of pidotimod combined with dermatophagoides farinae drops on the immune inflammatory response of children with allergic rhinitis complicated by asthma

Inflammatory response and Th1/Th2 immune response in children with Mycoplasma pneumonia and their correlation with pathogen load

Efficacy of adjuvant zinc gluconate therapy for infantile rotavirus enteritis diarrhea

Effects of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery and traditional thoracotomy on systemic inflammatory response and stress response of traumatic hemopneumothorax

Inflammatory response and stress response after 1470nm semiconductor laser vaporization and transurethral resection of the prostate

Differences in ultrasonography parameters of benign and malignant thyroid nodules and their correlation with angiogenesis and cell proliferation within the lesions

Effect of thoracic paravertebral block on the pain, stress response and immune response after thoracoscopic resection of lung cancer

Correlation of SIRT1 expression with cancer cell proliferation and invasion in lung cancer tissue from CT-guided percutaneous puncture

Value of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI for evaluating the cell proliferation, angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in lung cancer

Correlation of sST2 and Fascin contents in malignant pleural effusion with malignant proliferation and invasion of cancer cells

Regulating effect of Vav1 and ADAM8 on the proliferation and invasion of cancer cells in gastric cancer

Correlation of TS and TUBB3 expression in gastric cancer tissue with the invasive growth of cancer cells

Clinical significance of dynamic monitoring of VEGF, SE-CAD, HCY and TNF-α in serum levels in patients with gastric cancer

Effects of dezocine combined with anesthesia on serum GSH, CAT, MDA, SOD, TNF-α, CRP, IL-6 and T lymphocyte subsets in patients after laparoscopic surgery for colon cancer

RUNX3 expression levels of colorectal cancer and its correlation with Survivin and ki-67

Effects of Tg737 on cell cycle progression and cell invasion in liver cancer

Correlation of CD24 and CK2β molecule expression in cervical cancer tissue with cancer cell growth

Correlation of the quantitative parameters of ultrasonic elastography in breast cancer with the abnormal apoptosis and invasion of cancer cells in lesions

Correlation of MMP7 expression in serum and lesion with the invasive growth of cancer cells in patients with pancreatic cancer

Correlation of MRI lesion volume with nerve injury, oxidative stress response and apoptosis in patients with cerebral infarction

Effect of clopidogrel and atorvastatin on hemorheology, inflammatory reaction and blood coagulation in patients with cerebral infarction

Correlation of intracranial artery calcification with atherosclerotic plaque properties and oxidative stress response in patients with lacunar infarction

Correlation of anxiety with nerve injury and oxidative stress response in patients with acute cerebral infarction complicated by type 2 diabetes mellitus

Changes and clinical significance of Keap1-Nrf2/ARE pathway function in peripheral blood of patients with ischemic stroke

Effect of monosialotetrahexosyl ganglioside sodium on inflammatory reaction, stress response and humoral immunity in patients with traumatic brain injury

Effects of glass ionomer cement on inflammatory response, apoptosis and collagen metabolism in local tissue of adolescents after orthodontics