2018 Vol 24.No 4

Basic medicine

Metastin expression in the placenta tissue of preeclampsia and its effect on the trophoblast cell proliferation and apoptosis

Correlation of LSD1 and NDRG1 gene expression in ovarian cancer tissue with cancer cell migration and invasion

Effect of abnormal MZF1 and FoxM1 expression on cell proliferation and apoptosis in osteosarcoma


Clinical medicine

Correlation of serum ADAMTS-1 and ADAMTS-13 contents with plaque nature, inflammatory factors and adipocytokines in patients with coronary heart disease

Effect of intracoronary sodium nitroprusside and tirofiban injection on myocardial injury in patients with no reflow in PCI

Correlation of coronary CTA calcification score with serum inflammatory factors and plaque stability-related indexes in patients with coronary heart disease


Effect of adjuvant Shenqi injection therapy on cardiac function and myocardial fibrosis in patients with refractory heart failure

Clinical study about mild hypothermia + intravenous thrombolysis in promoting the neural functional recovery in patients with acute cerebral infarction

Effect of butylphthalide injection on inflammatory factors, neurological factors and hemorheology in patients with acute cerebral infarction

Value of individualized active rehabilitation training for neurological functional reconstruction in the convalescence of cerebral hemorrhage

Correlation of serum Hcy metabolism with pro-inflammatory factors, chemokines and oxidative stress response in patients with senile dementia

Effect of zopiclone combined with Deanxit on cytokines and neurotransmitters in patients with poststroke depression

Effects of respiratory rehabilitation training combined with Corbrin Capsule on the inflammatory response and pulmonary fibrosis in patients with silicosis complicated by COPD

Effect of adjuvant lipoic acid therapy on the systemic oxidative stress response and local inflammatory response in patients with diabetic foot

Different weight-loss and hypoglycemic effects of exenatide and insulin treatment of patients with newly diagnosed T2DM combined with obesity

Effects of DPP-4 inhibitor combined with metformin on blood glucose control, oxidative stress and inflammatory response in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Effect of vacuum sealing drainage combined with intermittent insulin flushing on expression of inflammatory factors and apoptosis factors in diabetic lower limb ulcer wound

Relationship of serum PCT content with the invasive growth of cancer cells and angiogenesis in patients with small cell lung cancer

Effect of dietary fiber enteral nutrition on inflammatory response and anti-tumor immune response after colorectal cancer surgery

Effects of VEP neoadjuvant chemotherapy before esophageal cancer surgery on the malignant biological behaviors of tumor cells

Expression levels of sPD-L1 and VEGF in serum of patients with acute myeloid leukemia

Effect of preoperative paclitaxel + cisplatin neoadjuvant chemotherapy on the proliferation and invasion of cancer cells in esophageal cancer

Effect of arthroscopic debridement combined with intra-articular sodium hyaluronate injection on the Wnt/β-catenin pathway in joint fluid of patients with knee osteoarthritis

Evaluation of the local inflammatory stress response and pain mediator secretion after impacted wisdom tooth extraction with high-speed turbine drill combined with original luxator

Value of serum procalcitonin content in severe acute pancreatitis for evaluating the infection degree and intestinal mucosal barrier function

Correlation of peripheral blood regulatory T cell content with inflammatory stress response and immune response in children with both pneumonia and sepsis

Effects of preoperative neoadjuvant chemotherapy on malignant biological characteristics in the lesions of patients with B-B cervical cancer

Effect of prostaglandin E1 combined with Xuebijing on the inflammatory response process and target organ function in patients with sepsis

Correlation of pelvic floor ultrasound parameter with extracellular matrix remodeling and apoptosis in patients with stress urinary incontinence

Evaluation of fetal ventricular systolic function in preeclampsia and its correlation with placental hypoxia degree

Ultrasound assessment of left cardiac function in patients with gestational hypertension and its correlation with serum cytokine contents

Clinical study about different doses of vardenafil for the treatment of neonatal persistent pulmonary hypertension

Clinical value of high-dose VitC + immunoglobulin for the treatment of viral myocarditis in children

Serum VCAM-1 content in children with viral encephalitis and its correlation with nerve injury and inflammatory response

Efficacy of low-dose fentanyl and ropivacaine combined spinal-epidural anesthesia for labor analgesia

Effect of dexmedetomidine before induction on the inflammatory and stress response in TURP and the secretion of pain mediators after it

Effect of modified puncture method on catheter-related bloodstream infection after PICC catheterization in patients with tumor


Research progress on the molecular biological characteristics of colorectal laterally spreading tumor