2018 Vol 24.No 5

Basic medicine

Distribution and drug resistance of pathogens isolated from 4142 blood cultures


Clinical medicine

Clinical study on doxofylline combined with inhalant treatment of acute attack of bronchial asthma

Correlation of OPG/RANKL expression in gingival crevicular fluid with inflammatory factors, free radical generation and bone metabolism in patients with diabetes mellitus complicated by periodontitis

Effect of high-intensity interval training on blood glucose control, adipocytokine secretion and oxidative stress response in patients with T2DM

Effect of Compound Biejiaruangan Tablets combined with entecavir therapy on liver fibrosis process and immune response state in patients with chronic hepatitis b

Correlation of Fibroscan parameter with serum inflammation indexes, collagen metabolism indexes and fibrosis indexes in patients with hepatitis b cirrhosis

Different influence of Arac combined with idarubicin and with daunorubicin on malignant molecule expression of acute myelocytic leukemia

Effect of fascia iliaca compartment block combined with general anesthesia on the pain and inflammatory stress mediator secretion after hip replacement

Effects of methylprednisolone combined with montelukast on immune function and cytokines in children with recurrent Henoch-Schonlein purpura

Effect of adjuvant oral immunoglobulin therapy on the illness of children with rotavirus enteritiss

Effects of recombinant human interferon α2b atomization on serum cytokines and peripheral blood immune cells in children with HFMD

Changes of hs-CRP, S100B and NSE levels in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of children with epilepsy and their correlation with the nerve cell apoptosis

Effect of small dose hormone on TLR3 expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of children with sepsis and its correlation with the change of the illness

Relationship of serum folic acid and vitamin B 12 contents with maternal endothelial injury and placental ischemia hypoxia in patients with preeclampsia

Effect of reduced glutathione assisted therapy on immune function, antioxidant function and inflammatory factor in ovarian cancer after chemotherapy

Correlation of serum platelet activating factor level with inflammatory response indexes and blood lipid metabolism in patients with posterior circulation cerebral infarction

Effect of edaravone combined with cattle encephalon glycoside and ignotin injection adjuvant therapy on nerve function impairment in patients with severe craniocerebral injury

Research on clinical observation of RFTVR adjuvant treatment of CRS

Prediction of relapse after antithyroid drug therapy of hyperthyroidism through assessment of peak systolic velocity of superior thyroid artery

Clinical diagnostic value of color Doppler ultrasound in cicatricial healing of uterine incision in cesarean section

Research progress of real-time sonoelastography to evaluate testicular spermatogenic function in non-obstructive azoospermia