2018 Vol 24.No 6

Basic medicine

Effect of serum miR-208 on platelet function, inflammatory response and myocardial injury in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Clinical medicine

Correlation of CT coronary angiography plaque properties with platelet function and serum biochemical indexes in patients with coronary heart disease

Study of influence of sacubitril/valsartan on plasma NE, Ang¢̣, ALD and serum sCD40L, sICAM-1, sFas, sFasL and cTnI, MMP-9 levels in patients with heart failure

Analysis of the correlation between HBV replication markers and HBV markers and liver function in patients with hepatitis B

Correlation of serum CNP and IGF-II contents with brain injury and inflammatory response in patients with craniocerebral trauma

Study on risk factors of hemorrhagic transformation in patients with acute cerebral infarction after non thrombolysis

Effects of Urinary Kallidinogenase combined with mNGF on neurotrophic status, apoptosis and oxidative stress in patients with ischemic stroke

Effect of bifidobacterium enteral nutrition on intestinal flora and systemic inflammatory stress in patients with severe stroke

Effect of kanglaite injection and docetaxel in treating advanced stage esophageal cancer on tumor markers, angiogenesis and immune function in elderly patients

Effects of propofol combined with different types of opioids on inflammatory stress response in painless gastroscopy

Effect of Sijunzi decoction combined with nutritional support after gastric cancer surgery on the stress inflammatory response and immune response

Effects of laparoscopic hepatectomy and laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation on immune function, pain related indexes and liver function in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Changes of immune function and serum levels of inflammatory cytokines in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis

Effect of the adjuvant Baogan Jiangzhi decoction therapy on liver function and insulin sensitivity in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Effects of suspension laparoscopy and pneumoperitoneum laparoscopic surgery on ovarian function, inflammatory response and stress hormone in patients with ovarian cystectomy

Effect of low-dose aspirin and Danshen injection on hemorheology, vascular endothelial function and oxidative stress in pregnancy-induced hypertension

Correlation of GST gene polymorphism with sperm quality, oxidative stress and apoptosis in patients with male infertility

Influence of human albumin combined with low-dose heparin on disease condition, serology and placental blood flow of severe preeclampsia patients

Effect of low protein diet combined with drug therapy on renal function and oxidation - anti-oxidation balance in patients with diabetic nephropathy

Effect of heat-activated nickel-titanium arch wire for orthodontic treatment on local tissue inflammation and bone destruction



Advances in the pathogenesis and ultrasonic diagnosis of senile calcific valvular disease of the heart