2019 Vol 25.No 1

Original Article

Mining and analysis of intracranial aneurysms formation and fracturerelated genes based on Gene Expression Omnibus database

Research for inhibitory and apoptotic effects of FAD and S-1 alone or combination for human breast cancer MCF7 cell in vitro

Effects of resveratrol on cellular pyrolysis of rat brain during ischemiareperfusion and on NLRP3 inflammatory bodies, Caspase-1 and ZO-1 in microglia

Study on mechanism and genetic analysis of lipid metabolism disorder in pregnant rats

Anti-inflammatory effect of luteolin in acute gouty arthritis rat model

Effect of isoflurane on expression of NR4A1 in hypoxic pulmonary artery

Effects of acupuncture on expression of VEGF, PLA2 and PGE2 and extracellular matrix collagen and metabolic enzymes in the intervertebral disc of rats with cervical disc degeneration

Experimental Study on Pharmacodynamic of Qingyan Granules

Effect of artificial dermis combined with jinfu ning on skin healing and bacterial detection rate of finger abdomen

Promoting wound healing effect of the extract of callicarpa nudiflora and preparation technology of the external ointment

Effect of minimally invasive surgery under anus and colonoscopy on pain stress, gastrointestinal hormones and vascular endothelial function in patients with rectal cancer

Effects of FuFangDanShenDiWan on cell adhesion molecules, endothelin and platelet aggregation rate in senile patients with carotid atherosclerosis

Study on role of serum electrolyte combined with GFR evaluation equation in predicting the prognosis of severe obstructive renal injury

Effects of acupuncture combined with drug anesthesia on stress reaction and cognitive function in senior patients with total hip arthroplasty

Effect of combined spinal and epidural anesthesia on the level of pain media, stress indicators and inflammatory factors in patients undergoing high altitude cesarean section

Effect of tea polyphenols combined with photodynamic therapy on the efficacy and RANKL and Shh levels in patients with early periimplantitis

Advances in modern Chinese medicine treatment of cervical spondylotic radiculopathy