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2019 Vol.25 No.4         (All PDF files can be downloaded for free)

Protective effect of Peroxiredoxin 6 (PRDX6) treatment on the rat model with corneal injury caused by ultraviolet ray
Ting Zhu

Effect of danhong injection combined with nadroparin calcium on serum CyS-C, CRP, IL-6, vWF, ET and VEGF in patients with acute coronary syndrome
Xun-Jian Hu, Ming-Zhe Zhao, Zhong-Qi Wu, Hui-Ying Huai

Effect of Shenqi Fuzheng Injection and naloxone and BiPAP ventilator on serum inflammatory factors, immune function and blood gas analysis indexes in patients with AECOPD with type Ⅱ respiratory failure
Lun-Yin Chen, Ying-Feng Wang, Shan-Shan He, Chao-Fen Zeng, Yong Zhong

Effect of ulinastatin combined with anti-infective therapy on systemic inflammatory response and oxidative stress response in patients with acute severe pneumonia
Jie Peng, Na An, Jun-Qi Ma

Effects of adjuvant therapy with anluohuaxian capsule on serum inflammatory factors, hepatic fibrosis indexes and immune function in patients with hepatitis B cirrhosis
Tong-Hua Wang, Xi-Han Zhou, Shou-Gao HE, Jian-Wei Su, Qi Jiang, Gao-Yu Hu

Effect of the reduced glutathione antioxidation combined with conventional antiviral drugs on hepatic fibrosis in patient with hepatitis b cirrhosis
Sheng-Shui Liu

Effect of Bifidobacterium triple live bacteria on inflammatory factors, oxidative stress and T lymphocyte subsets in patients with ulcerative colitis
Lei Lu, Chun-Tao Li, Ye Zhang

Effect of resistance + aerobic exercise on insulin resistance, plaque properties and lipid metabolism in patients with diabetic macroangiopathy
Ming-Ying Hu

Correlation of serum vitamin E content with insulin resistance and oxidative stress response in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Jun Li, Ling Han, Li Dong, Shu-Lei Liu

Regulating effect of liraglutide therapy on metabolic disorders in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes complicated with obesity
Dong-Mei Gao, Shan-Dan Bao

Effect of folic acid combined with routine drugs on Hcy metabolism, inflammatory response and plaque properties in patients with H-type hypertension complicated by carotid atherosclerosis
Qiang Huang, Mei-Ru Li

Relationship between serum inflammatory response cytokines and the change of plaque properties in patients with H-type hypertension complicated by carotid atherosclerosis
Li Lei, Xiao-Fang Yang

Correlation of intestinal flora disturbance with immune response and inflammatory response in patients with MODS
Zhao-Jie Zhang

Nrf-2 expression in ulcerative colitis lesions and its correlation with antioxidant enzyme levels and tissue injury
Ma Tao

Evaluation of the cytokine levels and immune response status of montelukast, loratadine and tanshinone combination therapy for Henoch-Schonlein purpura
Wu-Qiong Duan, Chang-Huai Zhou, Ming-Hai Luo

Effect of nephrotic enteral nutrition preparation on the nutritional status and microinflammatory state in patients with maintenance hemodialysis complicated by malnutrition
Chuan-Ying Lan, Li Tang

Effects of Xueshuantong combined with antioxidant drugs on nerve conduction function and oxidative stress in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Yuan-Zhen Chu, Zhang Yu-Mei, Dan Cai, Wei Yan, Hong-Mei Zhu

The predictive value of serum S1P and STIM1 levels after PCI for in-stent restenosis and their correlation with angiogenesis and inflammatory response
Fang Wang, Xiao-Yun Ding, Guo Lyu, Zhen-Guo Liu, Hong-Jun Li, Li-Ke Geng, et al.

Clinical study on the effect of Tongxinluo combined with trimetazidine on cardiac function in patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction after percutaneous coronary intervention
Qun-Xiong Fan, Ji-Xian Zhao, Huan-Xin Zhang, Bo Li, Zheng-Rong Li

Effect of thyroid hormone on myocardial and cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in valve replacement under cardiopulmonary bypass
Qing-Bin Wei, Fei Xie, Shi-Li Wang, Gang Li

Evaluation of the bone metabolism balance and traumatic reaction of minimally invasive mippo intramedullary nail internal fixation treatment of femoral shaft fractures
Min Gu, Jian Ji, Xiong Fan

Clinical Study on hepatectomy with choledochofiberscope in liver gallstones
Zhen Fu, Jian-Quan Zhang, Guo-Zhen Fu, Zhi Li, Shuai Zhou

Correlation of serum NSE and S100β levels with inflammatory response and immune response in children with hand-foot-mouth disease complicated by encephalitis
Qiao-Li Chai

Effect of bock greenbrier rhizome capsule combined with Fuke Qianjin Tablet on serum inflammatory factors, immune function and hemorheological index in patients with chronic pelvic inflammation
Yan Xiang, Feng Wen, Xiu-Ying Yang

Effect of dezocine combined with sufentanil patient-controlled intravenous analgesia on general pain and inflammatory mediators after laparoscopic hepatectomy
Ping Song, Fei Wang

Relationship of serum neurotransmitters with anxiety depression, T lymphocyte subsets and NK cells in patients with lung cancer chemotherapy
Yi-Qun He, Fa-Qun He, Shao-Long Wang

Analysis of the changes in PD-1/PD-L1 pathway function in non-small-cell lung cancer tissue before and after 125 I seed implantation
Wen Zheng

Effect of Pemetrexed combined with cis-platinum chemotherapy on matrix metalloproteinase VEGF, NK cells and immune function in patients with non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer
Feng Wen, Yan Xiang, Shao-Long Wang

Effect of enteral immunonutrition after radical surgery for esophageal carcinoma on anti-tumor immune response and intestinal mucosal barrier function
Tong He, Bo Xu

Comparison of the cancer cell-killing effect of the DOS scheme and the SOX scheme for neoadjuvant chemotherapy for gastric cancer
Ya-Ni Chen, Hai-Feng HU

Influence of sequential 125 I particle chain implantation and transcatheter arterial chemoembolization on tumor cell killing effect in patients with liver cancer
Wei Dai, Rui-Peng Zhang, Li-Gang Nan, Hui Wang

Effect of dexmedetomidine on inflammatory factors and immune function in elderly patients undergoing laparoscopic radical resection of colorectal cancer
Jian-Xin Zhang, Yan-Jun Li, Bing-Bing Liu, Xiao-Jing Peng, Ping-Xuan Guo

Correlation of estrogen and progesterone receptors ER and PR expression with the growth of endometrial cancer
Xiang-Zhuan Gao, Ya-Ling Jin, Jie Ren, Juan Zhao

Correlation of MMP-2 gene polymorphism with disease relapse as well as inflammatory mediators and oxidative stress molecules in patients with ischemic stroke
Li Wang, Tao Chang, Hua Lyu, Xiao-Ping Zhao

Effect of recombinant human erythropoietin therapy on convalescent serological indicators in patients with severe craniocerebral injury
Tian-Zhi Huang

Correlation of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphism with Hcy metabolism and inflammatory response in patients with recurrent cerebral infarction
Gai-Zhuang Liu

Correlation of serum Hcy metabolism with nerve cytokine and apoptosis molecule levels in patients with epilepsy
Wei-Juan Guo, Liu Yang, Dong Wu, Bei-Zhen Deng, Ya-Min Zhu, Shu-Qin Zhan

Effect of berberine combined with risperidone therapy on endocrine hormones and oxidative stress in patients with schizophrenia
Wei Dong, Wei-Xia Gu, Xiao-Wei Tang, Peng Liu, Jin-Tong Zhao, Xin Chu

Correlation of the expression of Eotaxin-3 and Foxm1 with the expression of p38MAPK/NF-κB and inflammatory factors in mucosa tissue of chronic sinusitis
Bu-Yi Chen, Chang-Ming Zhang

Research progress on the role of intestinal flora in obesity and diabetes intervention
Fei Wang, Qiang Zeng, Chun-Lin Li


2019 Vol.25 No.5         (All PDF files can be downloaded for free)


Effect of doxycycline intervention on the apoptosis as well as the IL-1, TNF-α and HIF-1α expression in cornea and aqueous humor in rats with corneal alkali burn
Xiao-Qin Xu

Effect of carbamylated erythropoietin on retinopathy of diabetic rats
Lin Jiang

Correlation between myocardial ischemia-reperfusion-induced monophasic action potential amplitude change and myocardial damage
Ying-Ying Liu, Qin Li


Effect of atorvastatin combined with trimetazidine on oxidative stress, hemorheology, and NT-proBNP, hs-CRP in patients with coronary heart disease
Li-Yan Wang, Hong-Lei Zhang, Song Chen

Effect of the adjuvant milrinone therapy on cardiac function, myocardial remodeling and RAAS system activity in patients with chronic heart failure
Jing Chen

Effect of bisoprolol in combined with trimetazidine on the cardiac function rehabilitation in patients with chronic heart failure
Shao-Yun Liu, Qian Li

Effect of Xuebijing, thymopentin combined with symptomatic treatment on inflammatory response process in elderly patients with severe pneumonia
Yan-Gang Zhu, Xin-Hui Jia, Zhen-Jie Shi, Hai-Bo Jiang, Ming-Hua Du

Effect of anxiety and depression on pulmonary function as well as airway inflammation and remodeling in patients with bronchial asthma
Qin Yang

Effect of ulinastatin on vasoactive substances, oxidative stress and inflammatory response in patients with acute exacerbation of COPD
Chun-Lan Huang

Correlation of anxiety state with blood glucose control, microinflammation and oxidative stress in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Huai-Fen Ma, Juan Du, Huan-Le Fang, Xiao-Ming Li

Effect of insulin pump and continuous intravenous insulin on ketone body metabolism, blood gas indexes and stress state in patients with diabetic ketoacidosis
Hui-Jin Shi, Yuan-Hui Luo, Yi-Xue Liu, Yan-Ping Wu

Effect of retention enema by caulis sargentodoxae enema combined with oral drugs on the immune inflammatory response and intestinal flora of UC patients
Si-Hai Dong, Xiao-Ming Qian, Xiao-Bing Xu

Correlation of serum Dickkopf-1 content with bone destruction, inflammatory response and oxidation reaction in patients with gouty arthritis
Yu-Mei He, Xiu-Ping Han, Li-Li Wang, Yong-Li Zhang, Gang Han

Effect of laparoscopy on serum inflammatory factor, oxidative stress and immune function in patients with rectal cancer
Gang Dai, Yi-Ting Cai, Ming Gao, Jie Zhang, Qing-Hao Gong, Chao-Feng Zhang

Effect of oxycodone hydrochloride injection preemptive analgesia on serum inflammatory factors, neurotransmitter index and immune function in patients with laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Ting Liu, Yan-Bin Tang, Xuan-Dong Jia, Wen-Hua Wu, Da-Wei Yu, Mai-Tao Zhou

Effects of different doses of dexmedetomidine on inflammatory factors and T lymphocyte subsets in elderly patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery
Jian-Xin Zhang, Bing-Bing Liu, Yan-Jun Li, Xiao-Jing Peng, Ping-Xuan Guo

Effect of buprenorphine transdermal patch combined with patient-controlled intravenous analgesia on the serum pain-related biochemical indexes in elderly patients with intertrochanteric fracture
Lei Xu, Wu-Wei Huang

Effect of mid-frequency pulse therapy combined with external fixation on bone metabolism, inflammatory response and oxidative stress in patients with osteoporotic distal radial fractures
Bao-Ning Luo, Guo-Xin Wang

Effect of uterine arterial embolization on the ovarian function in puerpera with postpartum hemorrhage
Yan-Xian Deng

Effect of anxiety and depression on serum neurotransmitters and immune function in patients with cervical cancer chemotherapy
Yi-Qun He, Fa-Qun He, Shao-Long Wang

Study on the correlation of MLCK and FAP expression with uterine fibroid cell proliferation and invasion
Wei Lin, Sha Ma, Li Wang